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We Are Maid in New Zealand

Our Story

Definitely homegrown, and the name speaks for itself. 

I started cleaning while I was getting my degree and found I had a knack for coming into a space and tidying/cleaning without making a person feel invaded, or intruded upon.

I  really care for you, and want you to rest or have some "me" time.

The reason I know this to be important is I have twin girls. There is nothing I haven't seen, and no judgement.... we have to stick together.

I have employed young mums, with a taste for perfection : we have got you covered.

For these reasons, we pay attention to new mums and the care of clean/privacy they may need. Also, time schedules may vary and there is room for flexibility on both sides.

We do veteran cleans : Vets get two hours clean FREE per week, by arrangement

I have experience in depression, addiction, and challenged clientele : I can work with you, in this capacity.

Discretion assured

Clean Kitchen
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